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Identify savings for your mortgage clients before rate changes even hit the market

The only lead finding platform for Canadian mortgage brokers

Broker Scout is the fastest innovating platform for Mortgage Brokers looking to find more deals, save time and increase profitability. With our innovative what-if/forecasting feature, you can identify potential savings opportunities for your clients before rate changes have even happened, and stay ahead of the banks or other brokers. This means you can prioritize and contact the clients who will benefit the most, and provide them with valuable information to help them make informed decisions, keeping them in your portfolio, not the bank's.

Trust Broker Scout to compliment your mortgage origination system and be your go-to tool for success in the mortgage industry.

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How it Works

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Broker Scout tracks mortgage portfolios with insights and automated alerts. Enter your clients' mortgage details to compare options in real-time and save them for later, so you can add educated value, and potentially save your clients money, during your next conversation. We also monitor your saved mortgages to find you refinancing opportunities and changes in client circumstances so you can stay on top of their needs.

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Enter mortgage details individually or upload your full portfolio at once

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Start at the dashboard. Broker Scout allows brokers to evaluate what-if scenarios for speculative rate changes, against your entire book of business all at once. Conducting what-if analysis builds trust with clients and increases loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals in a competitive market.

Add tags for easy filtering

Zoom in to see your leads.

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We're constantly monitoring and analyzing your saved mortgages to find profitable refinancing opportunities 

Zoom in further to see the details page - check out all the tabs - so much juicy info!

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Running what/if analysis shows clients that brokers are looking out for their best interests, building trust, increasing loyalty, and boosting the chances of repeat business and referrals in a competitive market.

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Broker Scout is the only platform that offers you the ability to forecast rate changes and evaluate which of your clients would benefit. This enables you to have valuable conversations with clients before their renewal becomes competitive, and more frequently than just an annual review. Don't wait for rate changes to contact your clients and compete against discount rate providers or their bank.

Want to know how single mom, Sarah, was able to do her dream renovation with the help of Broker Scout and her smart mortgage broker? 

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"For years, we wasted countless hours and resources trying to manually calculate penalties and client savings to find refinance opportunities from our database. Broker Scout automatically does the time-consuming math for us daily and sends us a list of leads so we can focus on closing deals. Whether you are a new or experienced broker, Broker Scout will make you more money."

~ Matt Parker

Smith Manoeuvre Certified Mortgage Professional

The Matt Parker Group 

"Broker Scout is an incredible tool for Mortgage Brokers to serve their database actively. The analytics that they provide allows you to look for opportunities to grow your business and, more importantly, enable you to serve your database better and differentiate yourself compared to the banks and other brokers. If you are a Mortgage Broker who is passionate about serving and providing value to your clients, then an investment in Broker Scout is a must, in my opinion."

~ Craig Vetter

Vetter Consulting

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Cool! What else do I get?

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Real-time mortgage comparisons

With Broker Scout, brokers can explore different mortgage scenarios run in real-time and provide quick and accurate answers to their clients

Renewal insights

See how mortgage payments will change & save clients' money by comparing their current mortgage payments to a straight bank renewal

Custom refinance insights

Potentially save your clients' money by comparing their current mortgage rate to a proposed refinance rate, using custom settings for the lender, terms, payment structure, and more

Be a match maker

Broker Scout matches clients to the best mortgages that they are likely to qualify for, so you don’t waste their time or potentially risk embarrassment presenting options that are unlikely to be approved by the lenders

No commitment pricing

One price and you get everything, no hidden fees or add ons, and no long-term commitments. 

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Continuous monitoring for refinance opportunities

Saved mortgages are monitored for refinancing opportunities and brokers are alerted to potential money-saving options based on market or client changes

Save and resume later

Save your clients' mortgage details and resume comparisons later, anytime your client calls, without needing to re-enter their information

Access rates from 50 Canadian lenders

We look up lender rates in real-time, saving you tonnes of time, enabling quick mortgage comparisons, plus you have the option to include your own broker-defined rates

Work from anywhere

Access our secure application from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device - wherever you work online - it's nice to have options!

Penalty calculations included

Our calculations also provide prepayment penalty estimates to ensure that you get the full picture for your clients

Handle most customer questions without needing to talk to the bank/lender!

Since the idea is to save time and money, having less communication with the bank is a wonderful thing for a mortgage broker. You no longer need to ask a lender for a mortgage statement or renewal rates again!

With Broker Scout's in depth data analysis, brokers can now confidently reach out to clients beyond their annual review, keeping a touch point even four times a year or more, knowing that they have valuable information to share. Broker Scout empowers brokers to proactively offer personalized solutions that meet their clients' needs, ensuring a positive experience and building long-lasting trust.

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Broker Scout is power

People like power

Sign up and see for yourself. No long term contracts.

Want to learn more? Talk to us.

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