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Where Smart Choices Generate Greater Wealth

Mortgage broker software designed by mortgage brokers, fintech leaders, bankers, and creative individuals, and intentionally designed to earn you more money and grow your mortgage business - individuals and brokerages alike.

Full access. No long term contracts. Used by brokers across Canada.

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How It Works

Broker Scout simplifies your mortgage broker workflow by leveraging automation and advanced analytics. Here's how it works: 


Enter Basic Client Mortgage Information:

Enter your clients' mortgage information quickly and easily, either as it comes in or by uploading bulk historic deals. This can be from as little as a mortgage statement!

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Real-Time Mortgage Comparisons:

Access comprehensive mortgage comparisons that include penalties, savings, and rates. Stay up-to-date with the latest market information to offer the best deals to your clients.


Client Qualification:

Determine if your clients qualify for specific mortgage products quickly and effortlessly, eliminating wasted applications and reducing waiting time.

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Alerts and Prioritization:

Receive alerts and notifications about high-priority deals where your clients need to hear from you today, ensuring you focus on the most promising leads.

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Continuous Monitoring:

Broker Scout intelligently analyzes your entire mortgage portfolio, detecting valuable opportunities in real-time.

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Rate Change Forecasting:

Use rate change forecasting to evaluate the impact of future market changes for your clients. Run what-if scenarios and make informed suggestions to help them save money.


Streamlined Administration:

Simplify portfolio administration and organization with a snapshot view of your entire portfolio. Remove outdated or irrelevant data and create custom tags for easy filtering.

Broker Scout empowers brokers to communicate personalized recommendations backed by real data, going beyond generic touchpoints like "happy birthday" messages. By providing valuable financial insights, Broker Scout adds substantial value for clients.

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What Makes Broker Scout Different?

While other mortgage apps focus on providing rates and calculators, they often overlook the potential of your data to generate leads and meaningful client interactions.   

What that means for you: While CRMs provide the "who," Broker Scout empowers you with the "what." Dive deep into analytics and insights to uncover crucial information and drive meaningful client conversations. With Broker Scout, you'll have more reasons to reach out to your clients and share valuable savings opportunities, ensuring you stay top of mind and deliver real value to your clients.

Never miss a deal with broker scout.
found new mortgage leads to refinance with Broker Scout

Trust Broker Scout to compliment your mortgage origination system and be your go-to tool for success in the mortgage industry.

Real Life Results

Hear What Others Have to Say About Their Experience with Us

"For years, we wasted countless hours and resources trying to manually calculate penalties and client savings to find refinance opportunities from our database. Broker Scout automatically does the time-consuming math for us daily and sends us a list of leads so we can focus on closing deals. Whether you are a new or experienced broker, Broker Scout will make you more money."

~ Matt Parker

Smith Manoeuvre Certified Mortgage Professional

The Matt Parker Group 

"Broker Scout is an incredible tool for Mortgage Brokers to serve their database actively. The analytics that they provide allows you to look for opportunities to grow your business and, more importantly, enable you to serve your database better and differentiate yourself compared to the banks and other brokers. If you are a Mortgage Broker who is passionate about serving and providing value to your clients, then an investment in Broker Scout is a must, in my opinion."

~ Craig Vetter

Vetter Consulting

Maximize Savings with Mortgage Comparisons: Input rates and thresholds to identify refinancing opportunities and offer informed recommendations for potential savings.

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Stay competitive by forecasting interest rate changes and proactively evaluating which clients would benefit before their renewal becomes competitive. Don't rely on annual reviews alone. With Broker Scout, you can avoid the risk of losing clients to discount rate providers or their bank. Sign up for Broker Scout today.

What is Broker Scout?

Leverage the power of data analytics to enhance customer engagement and spot potential refinancing opportunities in your past client base. Stay ahead with email alerts, hot and warm lead notifications, and data-driven mortgage product options, enabling you to offer the best savings to your clients proactively. Nurture lasting relationships through consistent communication and personalized service.

Broker Scout is power

People like power. Sign up and see for yourself.

No long term contracts. No risk.

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