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Kick your revenue into gear


Constantly Monitor Your Mortgage Portfolio: Broker Scout diligently keeps an eye on your saved mortgages, detecting potential refinancing opportunities and alerting you to money-saving options based on market fluctuations or client changes.


Uncover Hidden Profitable Leads: Don't miss out on lucrative refinance opportunities, even in times of volatile interest rates. Broker Scout helps you identify and seize these opportunities, ensuring you make the most of every potential profit.


Income Requirement Calculator: Ensure accuracy by comparing the property value to the current mortgage balance, calculating the required income at the maximum Gross Debt Service (GDS) Ratio threshold of 39%. Determine if your clients meet the necessary income requirements for the mortgage you propose.

Max Loan Calculator: Utilize your client's current gross income to calculate the maximum mortgage amount they can qualify for at the maximum Gross Debt Service (GDS) threshold. Gain a clear understanding of the highest loan amount they are eligible for based on their income.

Income Requirement Calculator by Broker Scout
Max Loan Calculator by Broker Scout
check out which of your mortgage leads are maturing

OUTSMART THE BANKS: Gain the upper hand in the renewal business.

Win Clients from Banks: We continuously analyze your mortgage portfolio to quickly identify which clients you can successfully win over from banks.

Stay Ahead with Upcoming Renewals: Stay on top of renewal dates with a clear view of upcoming renewals 12 months and 18 months in advance, ensuring the banks don't swoop in before you.

Receive Timely Email Alerts: Stay in the loop with urgent opportunities through email alerts, including potential renewals, helping you seize the most critical chances in your database.

Save Time and Skip the Hassle with Banks/Lenders

Bid farewell to endless phone calls and frustrating back-and-forths. With Broker Scout, you gain access to real-time rates and offers tailored specifically to your clients. No more calling the bank before finding the best rate offer – save time while ensuring your clients receive the most competitive rates.

Stay Ahead of the Interest Rate Game: Whether rates are rising or falling, we've got your back.

Navigate Rising and Falling Rates with Confidence: Stay informed on how changing interest rates impact amortization, allowing you to proactively adjust your client's cash flow and make necessary changes for maximum stability.

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MORE REASONS TO CONTACT YOUR CLIENTS: Stay top of mind, build trust and keep them for life.

Maximize Savings with Mortgage Comparisons: Input rates and thresholds to identify refinancing opportunities and offer informed recommendations for potential savings.

Unlock the Power of What-if Scenarios: Impress your clients by confidently predicting interest rate movements and offering tailored money-saving recommendations based on your forecasts. Stay one step ahead with proactive rate change identification, giving you the edge in prioritizing clients and providing timely information. It's the competitive advantage that sets you apart in the mortgage industry.

Renewal Insights: Compare clients' current mortgage payments to a straight bank renewal, revealing potential savings and helping them save money effortlessly.

run mortgage comparisons on this screen
dial deeper into a mortgage deal on the Broker Scout details screen

Instant Access to Vital Information: Effortlessly retrieve key details on the fly, such as lender information, client balances (current and original), payment frequencies, interest adjustment dates, terms, and amortization. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your clients' mortgages, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Personalized Payment Insights: Deliver exceptional service by accessing current and initial payment amounts, penalty calculations for mortgage payouts, balance summaries, interest and principal payments, and prime rate changes. With a clear understanding of your clients' financial situations, you can provide tailored recommendations that meet their unique needs.

Accurate Penalty Calculations: Our platform includes prepayment penalty estimates, ensuring you have a complete view of the costs involved for your clients.

Flexible Adjustable Rates: Seamlessly track different mortgage types, including true variable rates, and adjust as necessary to secure the best possible deals for your clients. Stay agile and ensure their financial well-being.

people working on a laptop at a table

Save and resume later: Save your clients' mortgage details and resume comparisons later, from anywhere you work, anytime your client calls, without needing to re-enter their information.


Effortlessly Track Your Portfolio: Keep track of the number of mortgages in your portfolio, and the total value.

Learn from Past Deals: Take a data driven approach to your business and view, archive, and analyze matured deals to learn from past deals and improve your strategy.


Mortgage List: Keep your data organized and view all of your mortgages in one place.  Flag any incorrect or inaccurate data for review.


Optimize Workflow with Filtering: Streamline your workflow by categorizing leads into hot, warm, and cold based on their potential savings. Prioritize your efforts and focus on leads with the highest success potential.


Enhanced Organization with Custom Tags: Create custom tags to label and categorize mortgage deals, enabling seamless data filtering and management.

Broker Scout dashboard screen

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