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Blog: Refinance During Super Bowl Season: Score Big Savings and Boost Your Business!

The Super Bowl is almost here, and the excitement is at an all-time high! But, did you know that this annual event can also provide a huge opportunity for Canadian mortgage brokers to boost their business?

That's right, the Super Bowl season is the perfect time to promote refinancing to your clients and score big savings.

Imagine this scenario: your client is sitting on their couch, munching on some snacks, and enjoying the big game when they suddenly realize that their mortgage is coming up for renewal soon and they might be looking at paying a lot more on their mortgage each month. That's where you come in! By showcasing the benefits of refinancing, you can make their dream of reducing their monthly mortgage payments a reality, and put their enjoyment back into watching the game

In a typical renewal, the lender is just going to offer the client the same mortgage they had before, but at the latest rates. With Broker Scout, you can compare their bank offered renewal option against any rate you think you can secure for them. Because Broker Scout takes into account penalties, you can immediately see if your refinancing option will result in significant savings over the life of the loan compared to their renewal option. You’ll also get a chance to speak with them about options like refinancing short-term to a fixed-rate product and provide them with the peace of mind of a set interest rate that will not be affected by future interest rate hikes. Later on when rates begin to fall again, Broker Scout will let you know when even better options are in their favour so you can go ahead and save them even more money! That's a win-win situation and a sure way to drive referrals along with repeat business - touchdown!

Now, let's talk about how you can make this opportunity even more exciting.

Host a Super Bowl-themed trivia contest with a big incentive for the winner, like a cash prize or some cool piece of technology you might want to give away (do people still want those football phones?). A smart play is to offer to double up the prize for any referrals they send your way when they enter. Your clients will love the chance to show off their football knowledge, and you'll have the opportunity to promote your services in a fun and engaging way.

Social media is another great tool to take advantage of during the Super Bowl season. By posting about the benefits of refinancing and the unique opportunities this time presents, you can reach a wider audience and attract potential clients. Make sure your posts are exciting, catchy, and provide valuable information that will make people want to learn more.

The Super Bowl season is a fantastic time for Canadian mortgage brokers to promote refinancing and increase their business, even if it is an American game. Showcase the benefits of refinancing, host events or contests, and utilize social media to reach a wider audience. Score big savings and boost your business with the help of Broker Scout!


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